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Rebuilding a DKW NZ 350

R2-D2 Scratch Build 2015/2016

A legendary motorcycle used by the German Werhmacht Army and SS during World War Two for recon, dispatch and general transport across all fronts from Stalingrad to North Africa.

DKW NZ 350 Type 43 - 1944

This article is more focused on the NZ350 engine, mechanics and electronics rather than a frame restoration and in particular, fitting a new piston and clutch.

Follow the NZ350 engine rebuild

Read the R2-D2 second build blog. Learn to build your own R2, look at some ideas or buy some R2-D2 spare parts; either way you will find this section useful for any build.

R2D2 - how to build your own R2-D2

Here I'll show you the full scratch build from creating the initial plugs and moulds to the finished parts.

Once the R2 is built and painted, we then concentrate on the electronics and how to get a cool look for a low price.

Finally we'll add it some A.I to give your R2 unit something special including automation, navigation, facial tracking and speech recognition!.

Click here for the R2D2 2015 Build

Fix the Dremel 800 Variable Speed Problem

MultiWii SE2.0 and 2.5

A mini article on how to fix a Dremel 800 with a broken speed controller.

fix your dremel

If you have this problem, your Dremel 800 Li-Ion will be either off or full speed and have lost it's varying speed function!

Fix your dremel 800 >>

A beginners guide to the MultiWii flight control board.

A brilliant and cheap arduinio type RC flight controller that is let down by the lack of information and the on.

multiwii beginners guide to mwc 2.0 / 2.5

** COMING SOON ** : 1m Wide UAV/UFO 2 kwh Tricopter!

If you're a drone fan you're going to love this. A 2 kwh super ufo, tripple thrust vectored tricopter!

MultiWii tricopter

First flight without the top hood. Looks pretty impressive and due to it's size it is also pretty stable. Full build to follow! Giant UFO MultiWii tricopter

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